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Jeez, I leave for a couple hours to go to the dentist and work out, and look what happens! I'm glad Jim was here to clean up and protect the beasties.

Also, last night's Bad-Ass Burlesque Show was a scream. Jim and I only stayed for the first half (due to today's aforementioned early-morning dentist appointment), but the ladies were lovely and the crowd went wild. There were bearded ladies and throaty singers and sassy fan dancers and strip-tease artists who emphasized the tease over the strip (nearly all nipples were chastely pastied), plus an odd little accordian number by Nomy Lamm that made Phineas exclaim, "I think we're in a David Lynch movie." The Subterranean cabaret room still resembles the old-timey brothel it once was. It was the anti-Showgirls -- kitschy and playful and damn sexy.

I can't decide which act was my favorite -- the tattooed brunette who popped her strategically placed balloons to "Bunny Hop" or the petite pixie doffing her foul-weather gear to "Singin' in the Rain" (gloves under the gloves -- funny!). Oh, hell, they were all great! And you missed it.

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And you missed the second half! Nomy did another number, and there was a really inexplicable sort of psychodrama involving the Bearded Lady, a drag king and a big blue strap on.

But omigod... You'll just have to ask Shylo about the Sugar Girl and her licentious fandango.

I just want to know when the next one is.

Phineas @ 11/23/2002 02:34 PM CST

hey my friend ronit was in that... I think she helped sponsor too:

amy beth @ 11/24/2002 02:38 PM CST

Yeah, there was a Dyke Diva banner at the place. Amy knows Ronit, too! Small world.

jima @ 11/24/2002 06:28 PM CST

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