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Hey, it's Buy Nothing Day. I've been participating for years. Since I hate crowds, malls and Xmas music, this hasn't been much of a hardship.

Unfortunately, I do have to buy something today. I noticed the other day that Henry's Kongs are showing serious signs of wear (also tear -- little black rubber chunks are coming off) and need to be replaced. After our recent, harrowing ER visit I don't want her ingesting any more non-food items. So I'll have to break with tradition just this once and buy something. You'll forgive me, won't you?

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I discussed this with Phineas a couple of years ago. We think normal shopping - groceries, catfood, gas/oil/windshield washer fluid - don't count. I think dog supplies fall into this category.
Although I continue to think it's weird to deliberately buy nothing on a day set aside to think of others, while there are no stipulations on days when I would normally buy stuff that is just for ME ME ME.
What's up with that?

elavil @ 11/29/2002 09:13 AM CST

I bought a bottle of water and a tank of gas. And drove 300 miles. That's pretty damned consumer-y, really.

What's a Kong?

Jessica @ 11/30/2002 07:10 PM CST

El Mundo de Kong

jima @ 12/01/2002 10:12 AM CST

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Flynn24Margaret @ 11/11/2010 09:59 PM CST

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