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I'm feeling blah. I've been in a glum frame of mind for the last couple days, and busier than hell at work, and not at all inclined to blogging. It's not that I don't love all of you, every last one. I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment. You know how it goes.

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Must be planetary. I have an epidemic of cheating in my undergrad class, a couple of my students are acting significantly crazy, and many people I care about are having interpersonal strain. Amy, tell me yr OK, really. Please.

elavil @ 12/05/2002 10:20 AM CST

Oh, I'm fine! Really! It's just the cold and the work stress and the omnipresent holiday music blaring out of every conceivable venue all combining to bring me down. Also, as soon as I got to work today, I developed a migraine that's probably been brewing for a couple days. I'm light-sensitive and I want to cry, but it'll pass. Nothing a couple days of R&R and a little extra sleep won't fix.

amyc @ 12/05/2002 10:42 AM CST

Take that time out for YOU, and we'll see you when things are more enjoyable.

Tim @ 12/05/2002 11:41 AM CST

I find that running a red light and killing an old flame always cheers me up. Oh wait...that's what cheers Laura Bush up.

Try snuggling the dog. Works for me...

Tbogg @ 12/05/2002 12:00 PM CST

From your lips to Godís ears, honey.

jhames @ 12/05/2002 04:00 PM CST

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