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Remember how Ramona Quimby named her dolly Chevrolet because she thought it was the most beautiful name ever? This is like that, only sadder.

Still, those are marginally better than most of these names. (Thanks to the Other Amy for that link, which made me laugh in a gasping, wheezing, painful abdomen kind of way.)

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So who's going to start the band Macques Macaque Attack (Attaque?) with me?

Phineas @ 12/11/2002 10:49 AM CST

oh the pain. it hurts to laugh so much.

shechemist @ 12/11/2002 02:35 PM CST

I think my favorite section might be "When you're in love, the whole world is Welsh."

amyc @ 12/11/2002 03:18 PM CST

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