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Work's been a bitch and the weather's been a drag, and maybe that's why I haven't felt much like doing anything the last several weeks. I'm hardly writing, I'm not keeping up on my correspondence the way I usually do, I've got hundreds of dollars worth of beading supplies that have gone untouched for nearly two months (the beaded bookmark idea just didn't work out, and now I lack the desire to make anything). I haven't updated the non-blog portions of RubberNun in quite some time. Hell, I haven't even organized my photo/memento album from our wedding and honeymoon -- and that was back in frickin' May!

So for these reasons, I'm really looking forward to 2003. I know it's probably unrealistic and naive to think there's something magical about a week from Wednesday that will restore my joie de vivre, jumpstart my creative energy, melt the fat from my ass and buy me a whole new wardrobe. But it's what I'm going with. Last year's resolution worked pretty well. I went without soda entirely for five months, and now just partake once or twice on the weekends. This gives me hope.

So anyway, my resolutions/projects for the new year:

1. A new blog. Fear not -- I'm still keeping RubberNun as my personal/political space. But I've been inspired by "theme blogs" like Cinnamon's, and I'm putting together a new site: (There's nothing there yet, but I registered the name.) WordNerd will be the culmination of neglected hobbies and the various self-improvement plans I've been tossing about for a while. My first resolution was to spend more time writing, so I reread Writing Down the Bones for some guilt-induced inspiration. Then I remembered a professor of mine used to read the dictionary cover-to-cover every few years, so I decided that sounded like a nifty accompaniment to the writing. I've also been interested in etymology for a long time, especially after reading Bill Bryson's hilarious The Mother Tongue back in 1991, so I thought, "What the fuck? Why not combine all three! Read the dictionary, brush up my etymological knowledge and write about the process!" Perhaps it will be interesting. Perhaps not. I'm still working out exactly what I want to say/do with WordNerd, but I hope to have something up by Jan. 1.

2. Get back to the gym. I used to be so good about this, but most of my fitness routine has been event-centered for the last year or so -- gotta lose 10 pounds before the wedding, gotta lose 10 pounds before my reunion, etc. When I ran out of events to get in shape for, I lost my will to sweat. This is bad. Especially as Mister Jimmie has been dragging his butt out of bed without fail three times a week for the last several months to swim and train with Amazing Larry. Not only does this make me feel like a lazy slob, Mister Jimmie is gaining muscle in places that are turning to mush on me. (Seriously, gals -- you should feel his upper arms!) So once I get over this cold, it's back on the treadmill for me. Three times a week. No excuses. My heart and bones will thank me for it later.

3. Take a class. Any class. I need to add a little discipline to my days. Maybe creative writing or Spanish or just another beading class (wireworking! loom weaving!). This will probably have to wait until spring or summer. Any ideas or resources would be much appreciated.

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You like form - do you like fabric? Had you thought about quilting? Very satisfying, and similar enough to beading that your eye and hand will work together but different enough that it won't seem like the same old same old. Also what about tai chi?

elavil @ 12/23/2002 10:32 AM CST

Yowza! I'm so happy that you've mentioned your new blog. Can I tell you how excited I am for you, and how eagerly I await the first entries? I will anyway. Woo hoo! I love etymology, its awesome, and it really can change your perspective on things.

My resolution at the beginning of 2002 was to knit one sweater, sew 6 purses, and do more crafty research. I've knitted two sweaters, 1 scarf, 2 pair of sockand s, 1 afghan. I've made 12 purses (all of which I've given away) and created a crafting blog. So, in my experience there is something magical about the new year. I just recommend you put aside your hangover and do some of what you want to accomplish on Jan 1, it makes it easier.

Cinnamon @ 12/23/2002 02:09 PM CST

can I join this party????
my goals for the new year. better about my money management.
2.sell some of my wares
3.actually finish 'No Logo'. (I've only gien it one good try)
4.stab Rod Stewart between the eyes for releasing an album of 'old standards'. less TV.

hey Amy, have you ever thought about taking a sliversmithing class? I have a friend who took one and she makes some of the most amazing stuff. She said you wouldn't believe how cheap it is to make sterling silver jewelry. Just a thought.


the other amy @ 12/23/2002 02:23 PM CST

crap, I mean to type 'No Logos' not 'No Logo'
I guess I should add 'learn to edit' to my list.
OH, and Cinnamon, I'm lovin' your crafty site!

the other amy @ 12/23/2002 02:30 PM CST

double crap, I was right the first time....

the other amy @ 12/23/2002 02:45 PM CST

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