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Hooray! No more xmas music for at least six months!

After an unexpectedly slippery and hazardous drive (all you weatherfolk who said "no snow" this week, come over here and let me kick your ass), Jim and Henry and I had a relaxing holiday in Peoria with Jim's mom. The snow kept us from visiting other relatives, but we managed to keep ourselves entertained exchanging gifts and eating candy and talking to Jim's sister in Australia. In the morning Henry got to run around leashless in the big backyard -- a luxury for a city dog! She frolicked in the snow, then returned to the warm house and crashed into a worn-out sleep that lasted through xmas morning and most of the drive home. And well into the evening, actually. Lucky dog!

We got home to find just about nothing in the fridge, so we called around to see if some nice restaurant would bring us some food. Nearly all of them were closed! Even the Chinese place! Can you believe it? What the hell kind of Chinese restaurant isn't open on xmas? I guess I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was. Luckily, the good Japanese restaurant brought us some teriyaki and a bamboo-mat calendar with little Hello-Kitty-style animal faces representing the Chinese zodiac. We promptly hung it in the kitchen. It's marvelous.

Did you get what you wanted?

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Yes, I did get what I wanted. But now I want that bamboo calendar. What restaurant did it come from?

Tim @ 12/26/2002 10:14 AM CST

I did get what I wanted, although I am hoping to get some Indian food this weekend . . . .

elavil @ 12/26/2002 02:32 PM CST

All you vant!

jima @ 12/26/2002 02:40 PM CST

Tim, it's from Yuki Hana on Clark.

amyc @ 12/26/2002 05:48 PM CST

I got tipped at Delilah's with joel who I have known since kindergarden and is the owner of the bar I work one night a week. having someone that knows you for over 25 year and is still fond of you is a great gift.

shechemist @ 12/27/2002 05:12 PM CST

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