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I spent some time last night tinkering with my links list. I've added new Chicago bloggers and some new nun-related links -- more of those this weekend. I've really been slacking on the nun front. My goal is to get up the backlog of Sister pictures I've got stacked around my computer by January 1. Believe me, you do not want to be on Sister's bad side!

So I've got to focus more. I've been trying to be one of those cool lefty political bloggers, but there are so many folks who do it way better than I do -- they have more time, they have better insights, they're willing to read Matt Drudge even! How can I compete? I can't. So I've given the political blogs I like (including some new additions) their own special spot on RubberNun, right there under "News & Views" -- check them out, won't you? I'll add more as I find them.

Of course, I'll still talk about the political doings and current events I feel most passionate about -- honestly, no one's ever been able to shut me up -- but cataloging the daily atrocities of the Bush Administration is bringing me down.

Replies: 2 Confessions

Thanks. The blogs in your neighborhood are pretty much my favorites, and all that nattering nabob of negativism stuff was giving me bad flashbacks (as you can see). More Sister! More Sister! More Sister! Also more Henry, yes?

elavil @ 12/27/2002 09:55 AM CST

I'll see what I can do! Henry's very photogenic.

amyc @ 12/27/2002 10:01 AM CST

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