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Some friends of mine used to throw these wonderfully cozy New Year's Eve parties -- annual themes, food and drink, places for everyone to sleep, delicious homemade breakfast foods. As midnight approached, we'd all gather 'round and take turns describing the best thing that happened to us that year, the worst thing that happened, and our personal wish for the new year.

Over the years, I've lost touch with that crowd, and I have no idea if they still throw those parties. But every year I still go through that list on New Year's Eve, sometimes just in my own head, to reflect on the year that was.

The best thing about 2002: This. No doubt about it. Standing before my family and friends and declaring my undying love for Mr. Jimmie. He rocks!

The worst thing about 2002: No single event stands out from the usual assortment of job woes, family stresses, political infuriations and the occasional health scare, so it must have been a good year. Henry had a little cancer, but she's fine now. Everything's fine, really. I can't complain. I'm lucky.

My hope for the new year: Peace. I hope the occupying force that is the Bush Administration doesn't end up getting us all killed, and I hope the Democrats get their shit together.

OK, it's your turn.

Replies: 5 Confessions

Best thing that happened in 2002: Weddings: Yours, of course, and also Jeremiah and Carrie's. It's becoming very difficult to be cynical about marriage.
Worst thing that happened in 2002: Some family stuff: Illness and exploitation. I also did not like it that Edgar died.
For the New Year: My personal resolution is to take a dying friendship off life support. It's the decent thing to do. On a larger scale: No war in my name.

elavil @ 12/30/2002 10:38 AM CST

best thing in 2002: running the half marathon and spending a week in japan with my best friend.

worst thing in 2002: the whole broken heart thing.

hope for the new year: for my dogs, my friends and my family to stay healthy and happy. oh and to get accepted to UIC.

shechemist @ 12/30/2002 12:39 PM CST

Best: The wedding, of course. The honeymoon trip to Seattle was a close second. We had plenty of fun there!
Worst: The midterm election.
Hope for the new year: Peace, and good luck in finding a new place to live. (For both of us, not just me. We're both moving, as far as I know.)

jima @ 12/31/2002 11:02 AM CST

Thanks for the link. One of my resolutions is to update my linklist, you're even in my new palm pilot. Good luck getting organized, I'm afraid of the Sister, so I'm organizing myself as much as possible before the end of the year to make it a little less painful for next year.

Cinnamon @ 12/31/2002 03:27 PM CST

This is such a good idea.

in my own personal sphere -
Worst thing: trying to find decent work,failing.
Best thing: deciding to start writing fiction.
Hope for the New Year: get that fiction published, for money.

and really that's all boiled down from the larger concerns, eh.
worst thing: the Reagan Era, pt. deux
best thing: every day I didn't work was a day spent living each day like it could be my last.
hope for the New Year: that we don't start World War III.

Jessica @ 12/31/2002 05:58 PM CST

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