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Mr. Jimmie, our pal Nan and I went to the anti-war demo in the Loop this afternoon. Being an activist in Chicago in January is a masochistic endeavor.

What I wore to the protest: Boots, socks, flannel pj bottoms, jeans, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, wool sweater w/hood, winter coat w/hood, gloves, wool hat, scarf. I still had to leave after half an hour because my toes and fingers were numb.

But still, we were there, along with (I'd say) 800 or more of our fellow Chicagoans. Eight hundred people, in this weather! Amazing!

One of the first speakers was Aaron Patterson, who was on death row until yesterday. It was great of him to stop by (although my companions and I could think of a number of ways we'd be spending our first weekend out of prison -- eating, sleeping in, making out with people -- that didn't involve standing in the freezing Federal Plaza and yelling "Fuck Mayor Daley!"), and he did have some relevant things to say about the war and the rush to put people in prison without trial.

But, I don't know. I'm all for having a moderator or two to get the crowd going, dispense important information and statistics, lead chants, etc. But is it any wonder the Left looks disorganized and flaky when every public event is an excuse for every left-leaning citizen with a gripe about anything to stand up in front of the crowd and air grievances? I mean, really -- what does Mayor Daley have to do with the war on Iraq? Is invoking the names of Mumia Abu-Jamal or the so-called "Puerto Rican Political Prisoners" really appropriate in this context? Are we afraid the war just doesn't leave us with enough to talk about? Jeez, people. Stay on message here!

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SHHHH.. You aren't suppose to point that out..

Seriously... I found your site recently, and have to say.. You rock..

And as a nun (Sister of Perpetual Indulgence) I have to say I love your site, your nuns, your viewpoint, and you smarts.


Vince @ 01/11/2003 10:36 PM CST

Well, thanks, Sister Vince!

amyc @ 01/12/2003 09:55 AM CST

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