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I stayed an extra hour at work today, waiting for my package of mail-order silk longjohns, hoping to avoid the heartbreak of earlier this week. When at last they arrived, I dashed to the bathroom, put them on under my jeans and headed out into the wintry wilds of downtown Chicago. People. Let me tell you. Silk is definitely the way to go on the longjohn front. I don't know why I didn't listen to the experts years ago. I am an idiot, but now I am a warm idiot.

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what i want to know is-- does the silk L.U. make the clothes you wear over it slide around? like if you were wearing x.l. pants would they slide down? if so, you could do that so that you can show off the long undies.

amy beth @ 01/19/2003 09:38 AM CST

Your pants would not slide down any more than normal, I guess. The longjohns are not made of the glossy, slippery silk one imagines might be used for the bedclothes of a high-class brothel, is what I mean. They've actually got the texture of, say, a cheap pair of tights, but not as form-fitting. They're very thin so they don't bulk up under your clothes, which makes their warmth that much more amazing.

amyc @ 01/19/2003 02:16 PM CST

How did they work at the demonstration? We're all hoping for some unbiased reporting here. You all looked great on our local news. Cold, you know, but great.

elavil @ 01/19/2003 02:48 PM CST

I haven't demo-tested them yet. There didn't seem to be a protest in Chicago to correspond with the DC one on Saturday. I'm sure I'll get the chance soon, though.

amyc @ 01/20/2003 10:42 AM CST

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