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Yesterday was Field Trip Day at the foundation. My boss thought it would be a neat bonding exercise (which we do kind of need, having had interpersonal tensions in the office rise to the point of needing group therapy a couple months back) for the eight of us to go see Adaptation, it being about the creative process and all, and us being creative types. And it certainly is a great film -- yesterday's viewing was my second. But it sure is alarming to sit in the dark with your boss and watch Nicolas Cage repeatedly jerking off to Meryl Streep's photo, is what I'm saying. Even more alarming: the belly laughs of the boss during said jerking. Lines have been crossed. Some sides of people are better left unseen.

On a possibly unrelated note, sleep has not been my loving companion the last several days. Perhaps that's why I feel like I'm wearing an 11-lb. headache hat. And the dark circles! Be kind.

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Did he laugh like HAWR HAWR HAWR? I hate those. Otherwise, I think this says pretty much good things about yr workplace. Imagine if he'd had you all go see Kangaroo Jack.

elavil @ 01/21/2003 10:22 AM CST

It has Kangaroo-Konquered the box office, so I guess it could have been a possibility.

I'm happy to see you liked Adaptation. It's been high on my to-do list for quite a while.

Charlie @ 01/22/2003 11:23 AM CST

You'll love it! It's a wonderfully odd little flick -- and it's about twins. You know how you like twins!

I'm not generally a fan of his, but I think it's Nicolas Cage's best work since "Valley Girl"!

amyc @ 01/22/2003 11:32 AM CST

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