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You wouldn't think it would be possible, given the exorbitant amount of horrifying shit that has happened since January 20, 2001. But every day, the Bush Administration can still find a new way to make me weep with despair. To wit: Yesterday's selection of one Jerry Thacker to serve on the Presidential Advisory Commission on HIV and AIDS. Thacker has been HIV+ since his wife contracted the virus through a blood transfusion in 1986. Oh, but he's also a graduate and former employee of the white-supremacist Bob Jones University, he calls homosexuality a "deathstyle," believes gays & lesbians can be "cured," calls AIDS a "gay plague" and believes only in abstinence-until-marriage sex education. Clearly the best man for the job since the so-called "doctor" who prescribes scripture for PMS was appointed to the FDA's panel on women's health policy!

Yep. We're all doomed.

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I believe that's spelled 'homoSINuality' now.

Phineas @ 01/23/2003 11:01 AM CST

he's HIV+? not to sound alarmist or anything, but if I was immune compromised, and we were talking about going to war against a government that had no qualms about biological terrorist warfare, the last thing I would be doing is taking a presidential advisory gig that would require me spending time in DC.

I'm just saying this one might work itself out.

shechemist @ 01/23/2003 12:01 PM CST

Jebus will protect him, though. He's one of those "innocent" AIDS victims, not like those nasty homosexuals.

amyc @ 01/23/2003 12:11 PM CST

He should be worrying more about smallpox vaccine than biological warfare. Vaccinia is bad, a live virus that is present at the vaccination site for three weeks. Now think about what will happen when all the acute care nurses in the US get vaccinated and every single one of them is a deadly hazard to anyone with a compromised immune system (or a chronic skin disease)for three weeks. All a recently vaccinated person has to do is touch the vaccinated area and then touch something else - let's say the back of a seat on the El - and then somebody - let's say a kid with eczema - touches that spot and WHAM, kid gets the vaccinia virus, all his skin sloughs off. Not pretty. Now imagine this vaccinated person working in a hematology/oncology unit in a major medical center. Now imagine how we can't give all those nurses 3 weeks off because there are already fewer than half the nurses we need to take care of all the people currently in hospitals.
Sorry about the rant. I got carried away.

elavil @ 01/23/2003 12:53 PM CST

just as it is not logical to be an epic asshole, it is not logical to think "jesus will save me" when you only have 3 t-cells keeping eachother company.

like I said, this one might work itself out before the next election.

shechemist @ 01/23/2003 12:54 PM CST

Or sooner.

jima @ 01/23/2003 02:46 PM CST

However he is still eligible to die from somebody else's smallpox vaccination.
Otherwise, thank you for this happy news. Once again the Bush credibility crumbles before our delighted eyes. Or something.

elavil @ 01/23/2003 02:56 PM CST

Hooray! Things were bad, but now they're good again, forever!

amyc @ 01/23/2003 04:38 PM CST

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