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So, I took today off because someone needs to wait around the house all day for the SBC people to make with the DSL already. Which means I'm stuck in the house indefinitely -- it's too cold to go anywhere anyway -- but I don't mind a bit. So far this morning I've made some tea and listened to music while tidying up my little office area. I've organized some stacks of things and filled out some forms that I kept putting off filling out. I rubbed my dog's belly. I drank some more tea. I put stuff in the recycling bin. I put up a calendar. I updated my address book. I threw out a bunch of pens that went dry. It's been a productive day! Now I'm going to make some lunch and read the latest issue of Bitch, which came in the mail last night. Ah, puttering!

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What? No sign of the SBC people yet? What do we pay them for?!

jima @ 01/23/2003 01:35 PM CST

I think you pay them to have Scott Glen do voice-overs on their commercials.

elavil @ 01/23/2003 02:02 PM CST

And we get much happiness from those voiceovers, I tell you what.

Update: accorsing to SBC, all the work has been done. On their end of the line. So they weren't going to send a technician out to do anything at our place. Which is completely contradictory to what they told us when we set up the service. How very toilet, as Fred Milton once said.

jima @ 01/23/2003 02:34 PM CST

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