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I can't remember the last time I left the house in only one layer of clothing.

I was born and raised in the Midwest, and generally I like winter. But this sucks. I probably wouldn't mind so much if we hadn't been cheated out of a decent autumn. We seemed to bypass the traditional warm, orangey days and sleep-with-the-windows-open cool nights of a traditional Midwestern fall and slide directly from summer into unrelenting grey and damp. I feel like I'm already in my sixth month of winter, yet there's still two or three more to go!

But, hey, rodeo monkey.

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That picture on the right side of the page is great. Why do monkeys always look like they're shocked and appalled?

jima @ 01/24/2003 10:01 AM CST

I'd be appalled if I had to wear that outfit.

amyc @ 01/24/2003 10:43 AM CST

Three more months? Are you serious?

Shylo! @ 01/24/2003 10:58 AM CST

Of course not! Everybody in Chicago knows that the temps get back up to the 70s by the end of January.

jima @ 01/24/2003 11:23 AM CST


amy beth @ 01/24/2003 11:39 AM CST

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