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One of my favorite Mountain Goats songs, "Cubs in Five," lists a wildly improbable -- nay, impossible -- series of events that would have to transpire before the narrator returns the affections of his former lover. The chorus goes:

and the Chicago Cubs will beat every team in the league,
And the Tampa Bay Bucs will take it all the way into January,
and I will love you again,
I will love you,
Like I used to.

But so now apparently one of these improbable events has indeed come to pass. Which can only mean one of two things, I figure: Either John Darnielle will have to revise the song for any future performances in order to maintain its emotional impact, or he is an awe-inspiring prognosticator and with enough time all his other predictions will come to fiery fruition. What if we find intelligent life up there on the moon? What if Bill Gates, in addition to his recent charity work, actually does singlehandedly spearhead the Heaven 17 revival?

I think the best course of action is to fear John Darnielle, for he is truly mighty.

Replies: 3 Confessions

Yeah, well I'm not going to give the guy too much credit as prognosticator until the Cubs beat every team in the league. Read, never.

Phineas @ 01/27/2003 11:00 AM CST

You just never know, Mr. Doubtful-Trousers!

amyc @ 01/27/2003 11:05 AM CST

What was that about not giving him too much credit?

Cubs in 5.

mepdat @ 10/12/2003 01:13 PM CST

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