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The most popular newspaper cartoon in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is Family Circus. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Texas?

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Is that a rhetorical question or do you want a list?

elavil @ 01/28/2003 09:36 AM CST

Whatever you have time for.

amyc @ 01/28/2003 09:58 AM CST

Gun laws
Race relations
The environment
The economy
The public school system
State and local law enforcement
Any post-secondary academic institution with a religion in its name

George W. Bush and his entire family, even unto the seventh generation
The Dallas Cowboys and all of their past and present coaching staff, alive or otherwise, except possibly Mike Ditka

Patriotic country and western songs
Line dancing
Belt buckles

Anybody else wanna play?

elavil @ 01/28/2003 10:50 AM CST

Don't forget Mary Kay!

amyc @ 01/28/2003 11:59 AM CST

Speaking of, Otis put up some songs from that Vickeroos LP today...

jima @ 01/28/2003 01:21 PM CST

"Get Fuzzy" only got 15% ?! Dude, there is definitely something wrong with Texas.

Portland's paper did one of these surveys a couple of years ago and I was blistering mad at the strips that stayed. I thought this was finally going to be the end of Blondie and Cathy and Ziggy! Dude, democracy sucks. One person, one vote, except Charlie (his vote counts more).

Charlie @ 01/28/2003 01:56 PM CST

Yes, certainly nothing explains the longevity of, say, Beetle Bailey or Hi & Lois, except possible demonic infestation in all the nation's editorial boards.

amyc @ 01/28/2003 02:28 PM CST

I can assure you that 99% of the State of Texas consists of brain-dead RepUGHlican idiots cruising around in their SUV's with a cell phone glued to one ear and the radio tuned into to Rush Limbaugh. The other 1% of us have been sent here as observers.

Max "Born in the New England, Living in Exile" Ernst

Maxx @ 01/28/2003 02:52 PM CST

Come now! It may be insipid, but Family Circus is a classic. Particularly when you think "lowest common denominator."

kemptonslim @ 01/28/2003 03:06 PM CST

Ahh Beetle Bailey: Mort Walker's homage to Eisenhower's America. So subtle is Mort, giving his characters names like Miss Buxley and General Halftrack.
Can we ask for a breakdown of the Bil Keane demographic? How many of those 71% prefer the "Billy's path through the neighbourhood" genre? How many are in the "Not Me" camp? Or the "ghost of Grandad makes an appearance?" Dammit, I must know.

John @ 01/28/2003 03:42 PM CST

I'm just taking a wild guess, but I think most of the Family Circus audience are on the verge of *being* Grandad's Ghost.

Phineas @ 01/28/2003 03:45 PM CST

Don't forget their love of state killin'.

marisa @ 01/28/2003 03:52 PM CST

1. Hair. As in a lot of it.
2. You can drive on their highways and be less than 100' from a nuclear facility.
3. Accents. As in why?
4. My mom & I went through the state during a road trip and came across a city where there were dead bugs ALL OVER the streets, in the stores and behind fast-food counters. Hand to God. The people told us that since the city does not get a lot of tourism, the locals ignore the annual bug infestation.
5. The state just allows its people to run outside the borders and do things like fuck up the country.

jhames @ 01/28/2003 05:36 PM CST

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