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National Geographic returns to its stroke-mag roots with a swimsuit issue. But, see, it's cultural and stuff:

Allen countered that the photo was very appropriate for National Geographic: After all, the rocks in the background represent geology, and the ocean is always a subject of interest. I think he also managed to name the family of shells used in the making of the bikini.


"Allen portrays the project as being part of the publication's heritage. ‘A lot of young men of a certain age grew up with National Geographic, and they were always waiting for the pictures of natives to come along,’ he says. At speaking engagements, he says, he's always asked: ‘Are you going to continue putting bare-breasted natives in the magazine?’ (The answer is yes, and there are a couple in this issue, too.)”

Replies: 2 Confessions

It is just so odd going to your website and seeing "feel my titties" pasted up there.

Charlie @ 01/31/2003 11:41 AM CST

I'd love to claim credit for it, but it's actually a Lynda Barry reference. On her spoken-word CD, The Lynda Barry Experience, she has a thing about how "naked ladies" screw up the body image of most girls, and how that puts us in a bad mood for years. There are a couple lines in the piece about how the pictures of the bare-breasted natives in library copies of National Geographic get vandalized with word balloons reading "Feel my titties, every boy in the world." It's become quite the inside joke 'round our apartment.

amyc @ 01/31/2003 12:07 PM CST

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