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I got a birthday card yesterday signed "Love, Mom and Dad and Jesus," with the "Jesus" cut out ransom note-style from a magazine and pasted in. I love my crazy parents!

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amy beth @ 01/31/2003 11:12 AM CST

now we know where you get it!!!!
Happy BDAy (you have a present on the way from Sydney, talk to Lynn when she gets back)

the other amy @ 01/31/2003 02:25 PM CST

Yay! Presents from Australia! Is it a wallaby?

amyc @ 01/31/2003 03:10 PM CST

awwww, how'd ya guess???

the other amy @ 02/01/2003 12:29 AM CST

Jesus wrote that Himself, I prayed over the card, and it just appeared.

Mom C @ 02/02/2003 07:40 PM CST

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