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GOP Chief Pleads for Minority Candidates.

Racicot said the minority outreach effort "is a directive the president is personally interested in."

Oh, I'm sorry -- was I not supposed to laugh out loud just then?

"If we are relevant in their lives, if we are sincere in our invitations, if we listen to them thoughtfully, if we prioritize in ways that make sense to them, the power of our values and our ideals will lead them inescapably to become a part of our cause," he said to applause. "I am absolutely convinced of that."

Yeah, good luck with that. Fortunately, I think eliminating dividend taxes is right up at the top of "their" list of relevant issues.

"It's not going to just help us with minority voters," said Alabama GOP chairman Marty Connors. "It also helps us with suburban voters who want to make sure we're inclusive."

In other words, reaching out to black and brown people is a good way to attract more white people. Which is what it's all about, right GOP?

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