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Last night, Jim and I went out for dinner at the venerable Chicago Diner, a place I (oddly enough) frequented when I lived out in Oak Park but haven't been to since moving into the city three years ago. I don't know why we don't go there anymore -- the food is great, the atmosphere is cozy and the staff folks have wonderful suggestions (like putting creamy garlic dressing on the grilled potatoes when there is neither ranch dressing nor malt vinegar in the kitchen -- thanks, waitron!). We then bussed over to the Music Box region, indulged in tea and desserts at the new Viennese coffeehouse Julius Meinl, then stood out in the cold for half an hour waiting for the 7:40 showing of Russian Ark. I'd like to be able to recommend this film, but alas: The combination of a big dinner, a rich dessert and the Music Box's stifling under-seat heating elements made me struggle to remain conscious for the full show. I kept shifting in my chair and pinching my arms to stay awake, but my efforts were all for naught. You'll have to ask Jim if the movie was any good. But I liked the parts I saw!

This morning, Breakfast Bowl! A hearty meal at our usual joint then knockin' down the pins at our other usual joint. There's nothing like bowling on a Sunday morning! It's better than church! Hell, it is church!

Oh, and: On the way home, we saw a busload of clowns in full makeup heading into a bar. At noon on a Sunday! Creepy, creepy clowns holding cigarettes and cans of Bud Light.

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oh you don't know how odd those clowns were. the bar I work at was the 2nd stop for the clown pub crawl. there were coke snorting clowns. acid tripping clowns. clowns groping eachother.

can you imagine the missing connections the clown pub crawl could generate!

shechemist @ 02/03/2003 12:10 PM CST

I'm glad someone else saw the clowns! I was afraid it was a bowling-induced hallucination.

amyc @ 02/03/2003 06:24 PM CST

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