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1. I live in Chicago.
2. I pretend to be a journalist for a living.
3. I make jewelry in my spare time.
4. I make less jewelry now than I used to, because Iíve been uninspired lately and, honestly, I have a lot of damn jewelry now. Way more than I ever wear.
5. I feel guilty for having so much jewelry. You want some? Because I could send it to you.
6. I feel guilty for having a good job in this economy.
7. I want to run for President. I'm sure I could fix everything. Over the years, I have promised Cabinet positions to several friends. You want one? Because I could give you one.
8. I forget what 8 was for.
9. I used to be in a direct-action feminist group called Womenís Action Coalition. We used a lot of street theater-type activist tactics, like having a "sew-in" on Michigan Ave. to call attention to sweatshop issues, and wearing '50s-style dresses and banging pots and pans to protest the Promise Keepers at Soldier Field. We used to get up in peopleís faces about stuff.
10. I feel guilty that I no longer have what it takes to get up in people's faces about stuff.
11. I have tried to become a much kinder, more empathetic person in the last several years, which makes it hard to yell at people or get in online flame wars. It's become easier for me to see multiple sides of an issue, and to disagree without demonizing. When I read blogs about peace activists being "idiotarians" or "objectively pro-Saddam," it hurts me deeply on a personal level. I donít know if they donít understand the dissent or if they're just dishonest, but it just makes me sad.
12. I donít feel at all guilty about being a peace activist.
13. I met my beloved online at Salonís Table Talk discussion forum in 1999. His tagline then was "Paint my muscle car PRUNE color, please! Ė Crow T. Robot."
14. You know how sometimes you just know? When I saw Jim's picture online for the first time, I just knew. He didn't know I knew. He knows now.
15. I have never had a mood dark enough that the sight of a frolicking puppy could not cheer me up. Dog parks = anti-depressant.
16. I think purebreeding pets is creepy. I can kind of see the point if, say, you're running a farm and you need a working dog with instinctual herding traits or whatever. But for companion animals? All that focus on bloodlines and appearance disturbs me. How could a dog's fur be the "wrong" color? Why are surgically mutilated ears and tails considered "breed standard"? And, please, don't get me started on the dog show thing. I'll just say this: I think itís cruel. And stupid. Mutts rule!
17. I used to write and edit a newsletter on natural health care for dogs, Holistic Hound. It was the best job ever, but my publisher went out of business (for reasons not directly related to my newsletter) after I did just 5 issues, and I didn't have the money to keep it going myself. Alas.
18. I have a deep and debilitating fear of needles. I'm working on it.
19. I used to play the doumbek in an all-chick drumming ensemble. Sometimes we even played real gigs for actual money.
20. I peel oranges with a spoon.
21. Five movies I don't get tired of: Rushmore, A Hard Dayís Night, Office Space, Kicking & Screaming, The Graduate. And, no, I'm not sure why they're all about alienated boys. Probably because most movies are. Ghost World would have been a great movie about alienated girls, if only it didnít have that "dorky middle-aged guy gets to fuck the creamy-skinned teen with huge knockers" subplot that was not in the book.
22. I had scarlet fever when I was a toddler. My first memory is my mom sitting me in the tub to bring down my temperature. The skin was peeling off my thumbs.
23. I have red hair, but people don't believe me on this for some reason.
24. My most frequently recurring nightmare: people watching me pee. I'd say I have this nightmare at least once a month.
25. I went to Catholic school for 8 years. I would bet this doesn't surprise you, RubberNun visitor.
26. From where I'm sitting right now, I can see 33 nuns.
27. I have never had an alcoholic beverage. Not because of the Catholic thing. Just because I have never been interested in drinking.
28. I've never smoked or taken illegal drugs, either. I was not terribly popular in school.
29. Streaking was a big thing at my college. I participated regularly.
30. A photo of my naked back (from the waist up) appears in a safer-sex guide for women that Howard Brown Health Center distributed several years ago.
31. Several people have naked pictures of me. It was a phase.
32. I'm actually quite shy.
33. Today is my 33rd birthday.

Replies: 22 Confessions

Can you find room for one more?
xx. Not everybody loves Amy, because then she would be inspid. Only highly evolved, politically sophisticated, ethically sensitive, aesthetically acute, clever and witty love Amy. It's more efficient that way.
Happy birthday, you.

elavil @ 02/03/2003 06:46 AM CST

Tip o' the birthday cap to you, Amy.

Andrew @ 02/03/2003 10:41 AM CST

Happy birthday, Amy. Perhaps Miramax will finally release Kicking and Screaming on DVD in celebration.

Shylo @ 02/03/2003 11:21 AM CST

Happy Birthday, from a fellow Chicago Aquarian.

Tim @ 02/03/2003 11:23 AM CST

Happy Birthday Amy. We won't go into that "dog years" discussion...

tbogg @ 02/03/2003 11:37 AM CST

Happy Birthday, Amy!

(speaking of alienated boys, and also Jena Malone (she's the love interest in Donnie Darko. so she was spoken of. just not here.), have you seen Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys?)
Looks like you've got 6.5 months on me, and an extra year of Catholic school (moving to public school in 8th grade meant I got the hard drinking out of my system early. ;D). You're an inspiration, Amy, keep on keepin' on.

Jessica @ 02/03/2003 11:37 AM CST

Happy Birthday! may you live much longer than jesus!

shechemist @ 02/03/2003 12:05 PM CST

Happy Birthday! You ARE inspiring, btw. It's good to be inspiring without being too bitter, isn't it? Congradulations on discovering that route.

Charlie @ 02/03/2003 12:22 PM CST

Happy Birthday to you Darlin, and many many more...

May the universe bless you in a special way on this anniversary of the birth of a special lady.


Sister MaryMae Himm @ 02/03/2003 01:37 PM CST

Happy birthday! 33 -- isn't that the crucifixion year or something?

(I have to say in Ghost World's defense, the ending is so good on so many levels that it more than makes up for the 10-minute lapse in judgment that one can totally ignore by setting one's DVD player to skip it when it comes up in the queue. Enid is my hero.)

Father Ignatius Blastoma @ 02/03/2003 02:06 PM CST

Happy birthday, Crazy Nun Lady! Did you use your new lunchbox today?

Phineas @ 02/03/2003 02:11 PM CST

great, now I have the Femmes in my head, and you know how difficult it is to get them to leave.
oh well.
have a great bday!!!

the other amy @ 02/03/2003 02:42 PM CST

Happy happy happy happy birthday mz amy!!! YAY!! GO TEAM BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a fantastic year, best wishes to you & Mr. J.

amy beth @ 02/03/2003 02:51 PM CST

Happy birthday, Miz Amy. Kinder and gentler doesn't mean any less spicy.


BTW, my youngest daughter (the tattoo artist) is named Amy. I have two daughters and wanted one to be a quarterback and the other to be President...or whatever else made them happy. They have succeeded beyond all expectations except my own.

Jolly Giant @ 02/03/2003 03:13 PM CST

Happy Birthday. Make more jewelry. I like your jewelry. Your reasons for not making more jewelry are not good.

Your reasons for everything else are good.

matthew @ 02/03/2003 03:41 PM CST

Happy birthday, kind Amy, from one former streaker to another.

I'll proffer another invitation to DC, this time to streak across the White House lawn, which can serve as your 33rd year messianic activity.

Jenny B @ 02/03/2003 04:21 PM CST

Hello and a happy one over the big water! You'll see, 33 is a nice year and it becomes better from year to year (being 34 by now, I do know )

Lilli @ 02/03/2003 04:29 PM CST

Happy Birthday! Thiry-three sounds cool. I wish I could skip 32 and get straight there.

Cinnamon @ 02/03/2003 05:16 PM CST

Thanks, all you nice people! My birthday was made all the shinier by your lovely comments!

amyc @ 02/03/2003 09:04 PM CST

And who can forget the people who come in late with belated birthday wishes?!


jhames @ 02/04/2003 05:30 PM CST

I know your soapbox is under the bed or in the backend of your car.
Hope you had a good one.

Mom C @ 02/04/2003 05:51 PM CST

Streaking? In college? In the 1980s? I went to the wrong school. Happy birthday anyway!

kemptonslim @ 02/05/2003 12:19 PM CST

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