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Devoted RubberNun reader Doug sent me this info nugget this morning: Poets Against the War are preparing the National Day of Poetry Against the War, to be held Feb. 12, the day of Laura Bush's hastily cancelled poetry symposium. Donate your poems (for an Anthology of Protest to be delivered to the White House), donate your cash, spread the word to all your writerly pals.

Now, what rhymes with "Fuck your fucking war, you fucking fuck"?

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Much as I am happy to support any anti-war activities, the idea of a National Day of Poetry makes me cringe. Poetry, contrary to popular belief, is something only very few people are actually good at. Not to be squelching anyone's creativity, but very few things are as pungently bad as a really bad poem.

Someone was reading poetry on NPR the other day about the Columbia and it was just painful.

Alternate proposal: National Day of Sock Puppet Theater Against the War.

Phineas @ 02/04/2003 12:19 PM CST

mister president
i cannot help but wonder
how much you were paid.

is that bad enough?

Shylo! @ 02/04/2003 03:16 PM CST

What's Boruk Glasgow doing these days?

jima @ 02/04/2003 03:36 PM CST

I think I heard that poem about the Columbia -- wasn't that on Weekend Edition Sunday? I immediately turned off my radio and played Mozart all day. I am very disappointed in NPR. I thought we could count on them not to be disaster whores. And speaking of, there should be a law against Garrison Keillor reading poetry aloud ever.

elavil @ 02/04/2003 03:51 PM CST

What's yr take on Garrison Keillor impersonators? And before you answer, know that John Linnell impersonated Keillor at one of the McSweeney's vs TMBG shows in Chicago.

jima @ 02/04/2003 03:52 PM CST

Self-important people are so easy to parody - I bet it was great. John Linnell is my hero. And it is about time for a song about Wisconsin, don't you think? Also one about Missouri.

elavil @ 02/04/2003 04:43 PM CST

Fuck your fucking war,
you fucking fuck.
Your speeches are a bore,
your lips like a duck.

I think this could go on into more silly fun, but I won't. You asked, I gave. :)

Roni @ 02/05/2003 03:09 PM CST

Much appreciated!

amyc @ 02/05/2003 03:30 PM CST

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