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So with hot dogs on the brain all week, Mr. Jimmie and I got takeout from Hot Doug's today for lunch. As we snarfed down our respective meals, he asked me why I just get pickles on my veggie dogs and nothing else, which led to a discussion about regional hot-dog condiment differences. Where I grew up (Michigan), there were coney dogs (with chili, mustard & onions) or regular hot dogs (avec mustard, ketchup and pickles or relish). I find what Chicago people do to their hot dogs appalling on many levels. I mean, come on. Tomatoes?!?

Jim rushed to his home state's defense: "But I can see where the Chicago people are coming from. They want to use fresh tomatoes, because ketchup is full of chemicals and additives."

"They're putting it on a hot dog," I said.

"Yeah, well, it's the little things...."

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