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You, there. In the next stall. Don't talk on your cellphone. Not now. Not here. Maybe, instead of shouting to be heard over all the flushing, you could just wait a few minutes before calling your boss. Although we're all relieved that it's just a cold and not strep throat, as you'd feared, and we're glad you washed your hands (albeit one at a time, while you continued to talk).

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i hate people

amy beth @ 02/10/2003 04:26 PM CST


Roni @ 02/10/2003 05:46 PM CST

I was in a restroom and this same sort of thing happened. Some other guy in the restroom went to every unoccupied stall/ urinal and flushed them, turned on the hand drier, and generally made as much noise as possible. We need more of this

Brendan @ 02/16/2003 02:51 PM CST

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