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I went to see "Chicago" over the weekend (it's great, you should go), and ever since I walked out of the theater I've had "Mr. Cellophane" stuck in my head. Except I don't know very many of the lyrics, and I keep confusing the melody with "All That Jazz," so it's like my own little mental mash-up of the words "I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down" alternating with "Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane" over and over and over again for three days now.

Help me.

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You could sing the potato song a few times. You will be cured in moments.

elavil @ 02/11/2003 12:33 PM CST

Gah. It's not working.

amyc @ 02/11/2003 03:11 PM CST

If the potato song doesn't work, perhaps you could go home and play "69 Love Songs" a few times. I'm sure it has the power to drive out lesser music.

elavil @ 02/11/2003 03:49 PM CST

u know i had the same problem?? wut i did was pick the stupidest song imaginable and hum that over and over again...of course then you had to get rid of that~

lila @ 09/25/2003 07:50 PM CST

Ha! I'm listening to that at work right now (yes, again) and just Googled "I'm gonna rouge my knees," because, really, WTF is that about? Who rouges their knees, and why? The slang site I clicked on got blocked by the @#&Y! work-nanny, and you were next. Any ideas? Is that just What's H-O-T-T this season in Chicago?

Man, Catherine Zeta-Jones is hot, red knees or no...

Miriam @ 07/20/2005 03:42 PM CST


Miriam @ 07/20/2005 03:43 PM CST

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