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Bleah. I've been eating brunch food* for the last two hours, courtesy of co-worker's baby shower, and now I am bloated and sleepy and thoroughly unmotivated to attack the great quivering wads of work that I have have have to do today. Oh, cruel snacks!

Also, I need a haircut.

*chocolate-covered strawberries, fruit salad, crudite, flourless chocolate cake, punch, pizzelles, two kinds of quiche, "cheeeesy biscuits," bread pudding, cheese ball and crackers, cherry turnovers. My god.

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What is a pizzelle? I am familiar with beef pizzle but I am almost certain these would not be served at baby showers, at least not in a civilized workplace such as yours.

elavil @ 02/12/2003 01:50 PM CST

Surely you must have had pizzelles before! They're those thin crisp cookies that are served as dessert at Italian restaurants. Amy made some orange-flavored ones last night for the party. I think there might still be some left at home. Hooray!

jima @ 02/12/2003 04:23 PM CST

Tell me, when you say flourless chocolate cake, do you mean they substitute the flour with cocoa? Coz that, I could dig about now...

Amy, do you really have a pizzelle iron? you are the only other person besides myself that has one! Are you a closet Italian or something? Chocolate pizzelle are the best, esp. warm with some vanilla ice cream...

michelle @ 02/12/2003 04:34 PM CST

Wah, now I feel deprived. I have never seen nor heard of this thing. Next time I visit your house, perhaps you could give a lesson?

elavil @ 02/12/2003 04:57 PM CST

Yes, michelle, we do in fact have a pizzelle iron (it's a multi-purpose pizzelle/waffle/sandwich machine thingy). Last night was my first spin on it -- Mr. Jimmie's the fancy baking-person in this family. And let me tell you, those fuckers take a long time to make! Imagine going through half a gallon of batter one heaping teaspoon at a time!

(But we'll make some for you next time yr in town, Reverend.)

amyc @ 02/12/2003 06:03 PM CST

Bless you, my child.

Reverend Agnes Lionel @ 02/13/2003 06:37 AM CST

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