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Perhaps I expected too much. But these one-size-fits-all, novelty-patterned, five-dollar tights from Never Mind -- cute as they are with their grey and black argyle-y diamonds -- suck. They are obstinately unstretchy. They squeak as they rub against the insoles of my boots. The center seam has already started to tear (I've had them on for three hours). And, worst of all, they are creeping exhaustedly down my thighs, leaving me with the dreaded "webbed crotch."

I just wanted to look nice for my hot lunch date with a certain handsome gent who's taking me to Russian Tea Time. But to get there, I will have to walk like a penguin. A sexy, sexy penguin!

But, hey, other things are quite OK:

My gentleman friend and I are leaving soon for a long weekend in the geriatric paradise of Florida ("America's Wang!") to visit my family. Although I've been suffering snow envy, seeing the East Coast all robed in fluffy whiteness, I would like a break from "wind chill" for a few days.

I'm all caught up at work, so I can leave the office behind while I prance in the sun and surf.

Despite two crushing migraines this week, I'm feeling quite spry today (owing in large part to impending vacations and hot lunch dates, I'm certain).

My niece got into her first-choice college. Yay, Jobeth!

So, how's stuff with you?

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Happy happy happy. My department is nominating me for a nice award, my regression models worked better than my most optimistic projections, my daughter's voice coach calls her singing "orgasmic," I finished a quilt top and have another one in the final stages, my tights fit, and I have figured out what to do about a nagging personal/ethical dilemma.
Have a great time in Florida. I hear it's supposed to be ten below here. Oh, yeah, and windy, too.

elavil @ 02/20/2003 01:02 PM CST

We get to play with/corrupt your pets while you're away.

And I got my shoes on the right feet this morning! First try!

Phineas @ 02/20/2003 01:21 PM CST

Not much you can show Ouida that he has not seen before, I believe. His friends call him Mr. Sophisticat, I am told.

elavil @ 02/20/2003 02:27 PM CST

last night I had the best yoga class that has me still feeling wholesome, connected, and productive. I know it can't last for long, but I am enjoying it. I am going to run (outside even!) tonight in a cabin-fevered attempt at making the most of the current warmish weather.

tonight I will finish my first baby devil hat. next is one with kitty ears! kitty ears!

have fun in sunny Fl! bring sun screen!

shechemist @ 02/20/2003 03:51 PM CST

Hey. I'm going to Florida this weekend. If you and your gent are there at the same time, we should be able to raise the state IQ average at least four or five points.

tbogg @ 02/20/2003 04:28 PM CST

:) thank you.

i love you.
and i miss you.

jobeth @ 02/20/2003 05:38 PM CST

I hate wiccans.

Agatha @ 02/23/2003 10:17 AM CST


amyc @ 02/24/2003 11:25 AM CST


MARK @ 03/07/2003 06:20 PM CST


MARK @ 03/07/2003 06:22 PM CST

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