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We are home. I am so very relaxed, after a weekend of warmth and food and family, of doing exceedingly lazy backstrokes in the pool and riotous bouncing in the ocean, of stuffing myself with all manner of things key-lime-flavored and finishing a good book. There would have been pictures as early as tomorrow, except I managed to bring home my sister's camera instead of my own. So we'll all just have to wait.

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Also: your dad is king of the crazy turn of phrase.

"We saw that Totie Fields in Las Vegas. She came out.... 'You know, the Jews have bad feet.'"

jima @ 02/24/2003 08:56 PM CST

Hang on... Do yr parents live on the Duplex Planet? Was David Greenberger there?

Phineas @ 02/25/2003 08:09 AM CST

Oh, yes, Amy's dad could be the next Ernest Noyes Brookings, if he just had a touch more dementia. The baloney story alone is at least as good as anything in any issue of DP.* Maybe in 10 or 20 years, when he's in "the home," someone will start writing his wit and wisdom down, and then he'll be a gajillionaire.

*Not really.

jima @ 02/25/2003 11:47 AM CST

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