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"Good morning! It's cold out there: Zero degrees at O'Hare and Midway, wind chill 12 below. We're going for a high of 18 today..."

Yes, we're back in Chicago, back in layers, back in woolens and longjohns. The shorts and t-shirts we brought to Florida are back in the storage box under the bed for a few more months. Going away is nice, but coming back is always a bitch.

Don't forget, fellow Chicagoans -- it's Election Day!

Not that it matters, given the rich and sullied history of Chicago machine politics, but I'm voting for a non-incumbent in our aldermanic race. I like his ideas about managing growth in the neighborhood. Sure, he's a hypnotherapist who believes in past-life regressions, but is that really any weirder than believing in, say, virgin births or resurrection of the dead?

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heh. abbott blocks access to jay stone's site.

I voted. for reason's I can't explain, I thought I was in a different ward. this morning voting I felt like I studyed for the wrong test. I voted against the incumbent anyway hoping he wasn't a wackaloon bigot.

shechemist @ 02/25/2003 08:30 AM CST

note to self: preview to correct! preview to correct you gibbering fucking fool!

shechemist @ 02/25/2003 08:32 AM CST

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