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Jeez. Coming back from vacation just keeps getting shittier. First it's fucking freezing. Now I've lost my fucking job.

The Edward Lowe Foundation, we were told this morning (quickly deducing the situation after finding out the head of HR was coming to our weekly production meeting), is shutting its Chicago publications office effective May 30. We're all laid off.

It's not a performance issue, they say. It's just this shitty Bush economy and the shitty stock market that has eaten away so much of our endowment that we can't afford to do our print publications anymore.

I guess the good news is I'll be able to collect a paycheck for another 90 days, plus I get a wee severence package. We get to actively look for work while we're still here. I wasn't thrown out on my ass with nothing. But still. I liked this job, most of the time.


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I'm sorry. I hope you have better luck in your job search than I've had in mine.

Shylo @ 02/25/2003 12:55 PM CST

:( Obvious and an understatement, but that sucks, Amy. Can I start looking for a new job for you in Portland?

Charlie @ 02/25/2003 12:55 PM CST

How will we keep up with Josh and his comic adventures? Total suck all around.

Phineas @ 02/25/2003 01:16 PM CST

Oh. fuck.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, Darling.

jhames @ 02/25/2003 01:50 PM CST

oh noooo!

how unfair.

shechemist @ 02/25/2003 01:51 PM CST

I'm sorry to hear that, honest. If I can help, let me know:(

Jenny B. @ 02/25/2003 05:04 PM CST

What's to worry about? First we'll have a nice WAR and then we'll have a nice TAX CUT and Amy's troubles, like everyone's else's, will be completely cured. Right?

elavil @ 02/25/2003 05:50 PM CST

At least you will be able to use your newfound spare time by immersing yourself in daytime talk shows and primetime reality programming that you otherwise would have missed. This is a blessing!

Toby @ 02/25/2003 06:48 PM CST

Life sucks...or maybe not.
Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let's love turbulence and use it for change.
Ramsay Clark

kara @ 02/25/2003 08:34 PM CST

I don't have a job either! I used to work at Hooters. Argh.

Agatha @ 02/26/2003 05:17 AM CST

Thanks for all your niceness, nice people. I'm still coming to you live from the land of denial, but it's comforting to know that people are on my team here.

amyc @ 02/26/2003 12:15 PM CST

Do we... do we get shirts when we're on your team?

jima @ 02/26/2003 12:24 PM CST

Shirts, but not pants.

amyc @ 02/26/2003 12:36 PM CST

Hey, I'm really sorry for you! I cross my fingers you find a great new job soon!

Lilli @ 02/27/2003 01:17 PM CST

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