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Hey, if yr not doing anything on Monday, check out the sexy, ancient anti-war play "Lysistrata." It's coming to a theater near you, trust me.

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Doesn't this play advocate that women withhold their physical favors from men until those men give up war? I think we (and the men in our lives) are not the target audience for this form of protest, yes?

elavil @ 02/27/2003 12:51 PM CST

Ya know, "Agatha" is a Greek name... those crazy Hellenic people!

Agatha @ 02/27/2003 04:21 PM CST

"We are Siamese if you please..." Right? Very clever.

GK @ 02/27/2003 11:00 PM CST

We're brining Laura Bush with us, elavil.

amyc @ 02/28/2003 05:43 AM CST

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