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Last night's dream: Washington DC needed people to help with snow removal, so many of us Chicagoans were shipped there with our shovels to help them dig out, on accounta Chicago not having any frickin' snow this winter. Anyway, we were all there shoveling sidewalks and helping the helpless DC folks clear a path to the mailbox and whatnot. Also in our shoveling brigade was the Chicago branch of the Polar Bear Club, who were planning a mass jump into the Potomac because Lake Michigan wasn't cold enough for their chilly purposes. So a huge crowd gathered to watch them swim and the local press came out to cover the event. But all the Polar Bears stripped butt-naked before jumping in, causing a mixture of consternation and cheering among the crowd. A reporter asked me what I thought, and I said "Where is John Ashcroft? He should cover these genitals!" And everybody laughed.

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don't let him hear that- he might get ideas about making sure even subconcious genitalia are properly covered. :)

Liz @ 03/02/2003 10:51 PM CST

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