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Last night, Jim and I caught an early showing of "Lost in La Mancha," the documentary of Terry Gilliam's disastrously failed attempt to bring his vision of "Don Quixote" to the people. It's an entertaining yet thoroughly depressing film.

It's got me thinking, given my new employment status and my need to figure out in short order what I want to do with my life now. Which is worse: Being consumed by a vision that may never reach fruition, or drifting from project to project with nothing burning inside you?

Anyway, after the movie we had a lovely meal at the reliably lovely La Creperie (we still love you, Frenchies!).

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Try this: Is it better to want something you don't want to want, or not to want something you want to want?

elavil @ 03/02/2003 10:52 AM CST

I'm not even sure I know what that means.

amyc @ 03/02/2003 02:27 PM CST

An example: Imagine a woman who is in love with a man who wants to marry her. She doesn't want to marry him but wishes she did - how much easier life would be. Contrariwise, imagine the man, who wants to marry a woman who won't have him. He wishes with all his soul that he didn't want to marry her.
So my question is, which is worse - unfulfilled desire or no capacity to desire?
Or you can go the Rob Sutton route and desire to lose desire, but that way lie madness and Gorgon V.

elavil @ 03/02/2003 03:37 PM CST

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