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Went to the protest in the Loop yesterday after work. I'd say there were about a thousand or so who attended -- mostly students, but plenty of other non-academic types like myself. And a couple of very friendly dogs.

Also there was a throng of, well, two pro-war demonstrators from Free Republic standing at the edge of the crowd. One was a grey-haired gent who held up his little sign and kept his mouth shut in a smirk. The other was a bulky, goateed shouter -- a Mancow manqué -- who hollered himself hoarse but still couldn't be heard more than a few feet away. Together they were like a Penn and Teller of malevolence. "Not many on your side," I told them. "But it's cute that you showed up." I admit it: I was feeling a little sassy yesterday, with a thousand peacemongers behind me and Jesse Jackson onstage exhorting the crowd to "keep hope alive" (yes, he still uses that line).

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