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The Mountain Goats' song "Tollund Man" (from the absolutely brilliant album Sweden, which, if you don't have it, why not?) contains the line "Goodbye, young Daaaaaaaaanish women," which always sounds to me like "Goodbye, young Daaaaaaavid Schwimmer."

Anyway, today was a random day. A random, stay-inside-and-putter sort of day. It was so warm and sunny when we got up! The fella and I went to the (mostly) appropriately named Affordable Portables for some storage items -- our apartment is splitting at the seams with books and entertainment media and too much freakin' stuff. With my employment situation in limbo these days, we will most likely not be moving to a bigger place this summer as originally planned. Getting the storage situation under control will be cheaper than moving. Every inch of floor space in this apartment is spoken for, so there was nowhere to go but up: We replaced Jim's 3-drawer dresser with a taller 5-drawer model, and swapped out a smallish bookcase with two folding stackable ones. ($29 each at Cost Plus! My god, the value!) So the afternoon -- after wrestling furniture into the house in a freezing, sleety rain that completely undid the morning's good cheer -- was spent tearing things apart and putting them back together in more space-efficient ways.

So now I'm sitting in my rearranged office wandering around the blog-world and listening to iTunes on random, the Mountain Goats melting into "One Piece at a Time" and "Dodge Veg-O-Matic" and "My My Metrocard" and "Words & Guitar" and "It's Tricky." I really should be working on my resume. Actually, I really should figure out what I want to do with my life, then work on my resume. Oh, but hey: "So Whatcha Want" just came on, and I can chair dance while I read some news sites! I think I'm losin' my mind this time, this time I'm losin' my mind, that's right!

Tomorrow I will figure it all out. Really.

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