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"Today's action is an important step toward building a culture of life in America."

...said the man who personally signed 150 death warrants and cannot wait to drop 3000 bombs in 48 hours on Baghdad, a city of 5 million people. Hey -- maybe some of those people have fetuses! He wouldn't drop bombs on them, right?

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He wouldn't be killing those fetuses, he would be "liberating" them.

BTW, the Senate is also taking up the Estrada nomination again, right about this time. So it's probably going to be a very bad day.

jima @ 03/13/2003 10:38 AM CST

Estrada vote delayed again, thank goodness. Here's the vote stats from this morning. Not surprisingly, Dick Durbin (D-IL) voted Nay, while Pete Fitzgerald (R-IL) voted Yea. (And while Edwards and Kerry abstained from the vote, probably to avoid having to tak a position on abortion this early in the 2004 presidential bid, Lieberman voted Nay. Which is nice, except he's not going to be the Democrat nominee. No way.)

jima @ 03/13/2003 04:15 PM CST

Let's just leave aside, for the moment administration, the lives of the pregnant women.

I'm not sure if we're going to hell or if we're already there, sometimes.

Jessica @ 03/13/2003 08:42 PM CST

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