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Found at Hesiod's place:

"Don't appreciate your anti-American attitude!"

The TSA is watching you.

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Sometimes I think everybody is watching me. I am invited to present at a prestigious conference in beautiful Banff in May and I don't want to go ONLY because I don't want to mess with the TSA or have them mess with me. America! Feh!
On the other hand, the chancellor of my university just published a position paper in response to the recent student strike, where students demanded that he take an openly anti-war stance. He said that, although he was not going to take a public stand for or against The War (a smart move for a public university in a fiscal crisis), he did want to go on record saying that all members of the university community have an absolute right to free expression without fear of reprisal, at least from the university. So I guess now I feel free ONLY when I am at work, which is pretty weird.
Sorry for the rant. This is messing my mind up.

elavil @ 03/16/2003 08:02 AM CST

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