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Hi. How are you?

So, due to recent events of both global and personal import, activity here at RubberNun will be light -- meaning both infrequent and irrelevant (look, puppies!) -- for a while. I really have to find a new work situation, and I've discovered it's profoundly difficult to compose the sort of go-getter, sell-yourself cover letters mandated by job hunting when one is at a constant extra-orange-but-not-quite-red-level freakout induced, partially, by reading weblogs and news sites all day while finding stuff to link. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Fortunately, the fine folks at Atrios, TBogg, Body & Soul, Rittenhouse Review, Shock & Awe, Tom Tomorrow, etc., are bloodied but unbowed, still fighting the good fight and so forth. Go read them, won't you?

Then come back here and tell me some jokes or something.

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