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Such a busy, lovely weekend (distracting us at least for a while from the global catastrophe)! First, an overnight getaway to Madison to hang with friends, drink lots and lots of delicious tea, eat wonderful food (homemade scones are go!) and watch movies. Delightful! All weekends should be so pleasant (except for the war, of course. All weekends should not have wars in them. Also, all weekdays).

Then last night, our annual Oscar-watching event, attended by several. We ate snacks and laughed and whatall. Andrew's prognostications proved most accurate, so he won the goody bag (not quite this elaborate, but still chockfulla the best tidbits we could find at Cost Plus). So congratulations, Andrew! You're a movie star!

As for me, I think I picked up a cold somewhere. You should hear this cough! Ick. No more gallavanting for the near future. A nap may be more my speed.

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Dang. Perhaps you are allergic to the war.

elavil @ 03/24/2003 10:22 AM CST

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Andrew @ 03/24/2003 10:22 AM CST

Aaack! It's my fault you caught a cold. I knew I shouldn't have come with my chest all rumbly and my sinus passages trying to turn my brain into a pressure-cooker. I'm so, so sorry if I got you sick. I'd call an apologize, but I sound like a chipmunk and I think you'd just laugh at me.

Cinnamon @ 03/25/2003 05:04 PM CST

Aw, I wouldn't laugh! And besides, it started before Sunday and it seems to have cleared up. I think I just wore myself out last week.

amyc @ 03/25/2003 05:52 PM CST

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