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Someone hit my site today after Googling "sensitivity to socks." I would just like it to be known that I am sensitive to garments of all shapes, sizes and colors, regardless of which body parts they're designed to cover.

Except, of course, spats. I fucking hate those fuckers!

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I heard you were also insensitive to twinsets. Do you deny it?

elavil @ 03/26/2003 07:29 PM CST

I can live with twinsets. As long as they don't get ideas above their station.

amyc @ 03/26/2003 09:36 PM CST

On the contrary, it sounds like you're rather sensitive to spats. But what do I know, I'm fond of French cuffs.

jimm @ 03/27/2003 05:18 PM CST

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