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Ruminate This, on Jessica Lynch, one of the missing soldiers in Iraq:

I can't help but think we'd not be in this Iraqi place today were the children of our House and Senate willing to give their lives. Today, only one member of Congress has a child on active duty.


In this country of ours, opportunity doesn't always come knocking and education is a privilege afforded those who can afford. That's how our legislators have set things up for us. So, people do what they gotta do in order to survive, and in these difficult economic times, the military is a chance at an education and a future. Jessica Lynch's friends and family tell the media that she faced 15% unemployment in her West Virginia county. Straight out of high school and without a job to pay for college credits, what was she going to do? She signed on the dotted line. That's what she did.


I love this country, but I hate what our affluent and uninspired leadership has done to it. They have brought shame on this nation. I blame them for every casualty of this war: American, Aussie, British and Iraqi, civilian and military. If they believe so strongly in this war, their children should be fighting alongside Jessica Lynch.

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shall we make military service mandatory like Finland, Sweden and (ug) Israel? oh and college close to free too?

shechemist @ 03/27/2003 02:49 PM CST

Absolutly, it sure as hell will take care of most of the mindless, uncultured morons that make up Freshman and Sophomore college classes.

Threeifbyair @ 03/30/2003 01:07 AM CST

They should send all our imprisoned wit sum homemade shanks and they should sen d the crips, bloods and the aryan brotherhood over there and let loose sum shit cos they can take over saddam and take all em fine iraqi women, shave their moustaches, and fuck em like no tomorrow.

wanksta @ 03/31/2003 12:20 PM CST

Yes, thanks for your enlightened addition to the conversation, dipshit.

amyc @ 03/31/2003 02:05 PM CST

but it was kinda funny in a sick way though.....

bill @ 04/02/2003 02:20 AM CST

Not really.

amyc @ 04/02/2003 06:03 AM CST

Sorry, I laughed too...and I'm a girl...

Tibertus @ 04/02/2003 06:06 PM CST

Which, I guess, proves that girls can also be infantile racists.

amyc @ 04/03/2003 07:45 AM CST

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