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Yesterday I got this e-mail from someone named "Luke":

I think you should add a yellow ribbon on your website along with the green one to show support for this country and all of the people that are overseas risking their lives.  Please don't tell me that you agree with the guy you got that picture from who says our military is "trained killers".

I explained politely that I have friends in the military, and that I support them as human beings, but not as soldiers because I think this war is wrong. Then I told him to have a peaceful day.

His response:

Then you aren't a very good friend.

I will have a peaceful day because I know that our troops are over there
fighting so Saddam Husseins weapons will never reach the U.S.  People like
you are so nieve.  You are like children, if we just close eyes maybe the
problem will go away.

You too have a peaceful day!

Of course, I couldn't just let that stand:

>People like
>you are so nieve.

Nieve? What's nieve? Are you referring to Steve Nieve, the keyboardist for Elvis Costello's backing band, The Attractions? Because I'm really not much like him at all. And, honestly, I don't see what he has to do with any of this.

If you meant to say "naive" (it's -- ha ha! -- a French word), well then you're just plain wrong. "Naive" means uninformed, which I try very hard not to be. Saddam Hussein is a terrible person; this much is indisputable. The people of Iraq and the world will be better off without him. Anyone who thinks he posed an immediate danger to the US -- so immediate that we had to abandon diplomacy, defy the UN and permanently reshape American foreign policy by staging an unprecedented attack on a sovereign nation (to remove a dictator we installed, by the way) -- or that he was in any way involved in the Sept. 11 attacks, well, I'd have to say that person is naive. Anyone who believes that invading Iraq will make our country safer and will not inflame generations of Islamic fundamentalists against us is naive. Anyone who thinks that dropping bombs on people will "liberate" them and make them love us and embrace our democratic way of life is naive. And anyone who thinks that a war can only be wrong before it starts, that once the bombs start falling we should all just shut up and smile and "support the troops," is not only naive but also anti-American, not to mention a damned fool.

>You are like children, if we just close eyes maybe the
>problem will go away.

I have never heard a single person in the anti-war movement say that the alternative to war is closing our eyes and hoping the problem will go away. I'm not sure where you get your information. Perhaps from the same place that taught you how to spell. The situation in Iraq was intolerable, but "invade and occupy" and "do nothing at all" were not the only options. There are peaceful ways to solve conflicts and bring about change. If Bush had not spent the entirety of his presidency alienating and offending our allies and the rest of the world, we might have a true coalition of nations to change the situation there without resorting to war. Instead, all we have are bombs, which never really solve the underlying problems.

So tell me -- are you a veteran? Are you on active duty? Are you in any way involved in this conflict, aside from cheering from the sidelines and sending e-mails to strangers telling them to put yellow ribbons on their websites?

Replies: 6 Confessions

Nieve is the Spanish word for "snow." You are *so* snow.

jima @ 03/28/2003 09:59 AM CST

You take that back, traitor!

amyc @ 03/28/2003 10:05 AM CST

Watch out, Amy. Sometimes when somebody is trying to attack you and you take the time to point out weaknesses in the internal logic or the mechanics of their attack . . . sometimes that makes those people really cross.
I'm just sayin'.

elavil @ 03/28/2003 11:41 AM CST

Oh, this person (who says she's the wife of a veteran) has been filling my mailbox with steaming piles all morning. I finally told her to knock it off after she told me that people like me obviously think Saddam should kill innocent children. What a loon.

amyc @ 03/28/2003 11:49 AM CST

You don't agree with her so you must obviously be . . . Satan. But hey! Wait! Sometimes you don't agree with me, either! In fact, sometimes you think I'm completely full of shit. You ARE Satan! You bitch!

elavil @ 03/28/2003 12:40 PM CST

You know how you always hear about drug addicted housewives in Appalachia, and the old coots brewing meth in their old moonshine stills? That lady or whatever is exercising some serious backwoods logic. I think you may have yourself an tweaking oxycontin casualty. Sure is good for laughs, though. Hoo! Ha!

Jessica @ 03/28/2003 09:39 PM CST

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