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About 150,000 Moroccans, chanting "suicide attacks lead to freedom," poured through the streets of Rabat on Sunday as protests against the war in Iraq flared again around the Muslim world.

Yep. We're doomed. Thanks, Dubya!

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Thanks a whole fuckin lot, Ralph, is more appropriate.

Lurch @ 04/01/2003 04:33 PM CST

Well, I think the Left needs to get over blaming Ralph Nader for everything that has gone wrong since the election. Ralph Nader is not waging this war. Nader didn't pull the US out of all those international treaties and piss off our allies and enemies alike with imperialist bully-boy bluster. And, whatever you think about Nader's "spoiler effect" on the 2000 election, Gore still won both the popular and the electoral vote, which would be common knowledge if the Supreme Court hadn't stopped the Florida vote counting. So while we could sarcastically thank Ralph or Scalia or Jeb or, hell, even Barbara Bush for delivering this demon spawn unto us, at some point we really need to assign blame to George W. Bush. This is his mess, and he's dragging us all down with him.

Or as Sinead O'Connor might say, "Fight the real enemy!"

amyc @ 04/02/2003 09:25 AM CST

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