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So I'm, uh, "working" at home, which finally gives me a chance to listen to the new Mountain Goats CD, Tallahassee, which tracks the horrifying and inevitable breakup of the "Alpha" couple he's been writing about for years. It's excruciating yet tuneful.

I am not gonna lose you,
We are gonna stay married
in this house like a Louisiana graveyard
where nothing stays buried.

God, how I love the Mountain Goats, although being in a healthy relationship myself, perhaps I can't fully appreciate the torment of these ill-fated lovers. But if you know someone in a doomed love affair, buy them this record and hide the booze and sharp objects.

Today's tip: Next time you have something stuck between your molars that simply won't dislodge no matter how aggressive your oral hygiene regimen, and ends up getting inflamed and putting you in extreme pain for days until you can get to the dentist, try tying little knots in your dental floss. That way you might not have to drive all the way the fuck out to Oak Park only to have your dentist perform this little trick and send you on your way before you even have time to get comfy in the chair. Oh, and: Fuck you, popcorn!

Replies: 5 Confessions

It's nice to see that an English major is never at a loss for words!

Mom C @ 03/31/2003 01:47 PM CST

Hey, at this point, at least she's not a dentist!

Charlie @ 03/31/2003 04:58 PM CST

Great record

Allen @ 04/02/2003 02:59 PM CST

'Oh, and: Fuck you, popcorn!'
my fav quote of the day

the other amy @ 04/04/2003 03:58 AM CST

My mom didn't like it much. She thinks I have a potty mouth.

amyc @ 04/04/2003 05:44 AM CST

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