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U.N. Fears U.S. Bomblets Resemble Food Packets.

What the fuck is a "bomblet"? Is it pink and fluffy? Does it only kill you a little? Plus, shouldn't the military have already learned this lesson in Afghanistan?

Replies: 2 Confessions

I think 'bomblet' won out in a naming contest over 'bombikin', 'bitty-bomb', and 'li'l 'sploder'.

Marketing Concept: Severely patriotic breakfast joints should start serving Bomblettes to go with their Freedom Toast.

As for your question about the military learning from past experience, I'll assume it was rhetorical.

Phineas @ 04/03/2003 09:02 AM CST

You're right -- clearly I should have learned from experience not to ask if the military has learned from experience.

And now I'm hungry for some freedom toast and a cheese bomblette.

amyc @ 04/03/2003 10:47 AM CST

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