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In an attempt to escape the horrors of war for a few minutes, I provide for you an assortment of more mundane horrors:

A man who tried to chat up a woman in a German nightclub dropped his false teeth down her cleavage.

A burglar dubbed The Masturbator is believed to be behind a spate of office break-ins in Bosnia. Police gave the man his nickname after traces of semen were found on chairs and desks at crime scenes.

Hollywood couple J.Lo and Ben Affleck have secured a deal to remake the classic movie Casablanca, according to reports.

Sgt. Scruffy Dancing Hamster.

There. Wasn't that fun?

Replies: 5 Confessions

I think my soul is now officially dead.

jima @ 04/09/2003 11:42 AM CST

the only one that upset me was the remaking of Casablanca.

maybe I'm jaded after having a guy hit on me while his glass eye sat at the bottom of his beer glass. the false teeth thing doesn't phase me at all.

shechemist @ 04/09/2003 12:07 PM CST

when i read the j-lo/casablanca headline, i involuntarily made a face like i'd just found a cockroach in my birthday cake.
that is sick, sad, and just plain wrong .

jane @ 04/09/2003 01:42 PM CST

Keep this a secret but my girlfriend licensed "She Blinded Me With Science" to a company that produces these dancing hamsters. I guess they're kind of like the singing bass in 'The Sopranos'. Cute.

InMarin @ 04/10/2003 12:30 AM CST

Poor Thomas Dolby.

amyc @ 04/11/2003 08:47 AM CST

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