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"We are all betwixt and between, suspended between the hope for freedom and the danger of occupation," said Sayyid Abu Murtadah al-Yasiri, 45, an Iraqi cleric, who fled the southern city of Najaf 23 years ago after Mr. Hussein's goons murdered the grand ayatollah who was his religious mentor. "We are happy to be rid of injustice, but we fear the Americans' intentions."

Using the most powerful military in the world to knock over the demoralized and shabby army of a brutal dictator was the easy part. It's also deeply troubling. I'm afraid that falling statues in Baghdad will convince most people that we won, we kicked the bad guy's ass, the Iraqis are all happy and free, everything's going to be OK forever, U-S-A! U-S-A! and all that. I'm worried people -- even many in the anti-war movement -- will just turn their backs to what happens next. This Salon article on the last place we "liberated" is a must-read -- if you aren't a Salon subscriber, get the day pass to read it. This war is not even close to over.

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