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You know that house, the one just down the block from Wrigley Field, with the ever-changing cavalcade of kitsch in the front garden and a mailbox full of "free blessings" on the wrought-iron gate? Well, last week someone stole the light-up Virgin Mary. The house and its elderly owner have become a frequent target for drunken Cubs fans: "They urinate on her pansies, vomit on her sidewalk, rip up her tulips, steal her light-up ornaments and keep her awake night after night with their cursing and shrieking. When they stole her light-up Virgin, the centerpiece of her garden, she got so sick she wound up briefly in the hospital, and she still hasn't recovered.

Fortunately someone found the damaged statue in the middle of Belmont Ave. and returned it.

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hey...whre is this lady's house...does she still live there? thanks,,, go cubs!

patty h @ 11/10/2005 11:01 PM CST

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