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Yesterday afternoon's ravings of a homeless woman on the Red Line, arguing furiously with an unseen opponent:

"Al Gore, he had the Mountain Time. This is the Midwest -- we don't have no motherfuckin' Mountain Time! I got the Eastern Time, I got the Central Time, I got the motherfuckin' Pacific Time!"

"I was born in America, so how can I be anti-Semitic? Don't call me anti-Semitic, because I love America! I just don't like those motherfuckers over there and over there and over there!"

"If it was up to me, this country wouldn't have nothin' but Republicans! Democrats spend everybody's money! We don't need no motherfuckin' Air Jordan! Why don't you spend your money from 1902? Salvation Army motherfuckers."

"Revelations said: 'That little motherfucker comin' out of nothin'...' That was America!"

"I don't mean no harm. I'm just trying to explain my thoughts about being a real American."

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But I thought Ann Coulter had moved to Florida...

jima @ 04/15/2003 09:33 AM CST

And I thought Peggy Noonan was on sabbatical.

Jeff @ 04/15/2003 01:44 PM CST

I don't remember the word 'motherfucker' from confirmation class...

Andrew @ 04/15/2003 03:17 PM CST

You gotta love the Red Line... I'll be on it in 5.

News Viking @ 04/15/2003 04:00 PM CST

Hey, we got them down here in Peoria, too. This morning about 2 stops before I get off, a woman and her "invisible" friend got on. She started talking to her friend about how she doesn't believe in mortuaries and that they are a Communist conspiracy. As I was getting off, she was telling her companion that it's parents' fault that we have mortuaries.

Lynn @ 04/15/2003 06:16 PM CST

When you read the words of the regime in power and of the countless millions of buffoons and hatemongers that agree with it, you lose hope. I can't see any reason for preserving this demented infestation any further. Let the Republicans have the morons to use and exploit, and let the rest of us escape to greener pastures. Let the TV preachers have their willing and deserving victims. Let the south burn itself down. Let the conservative voters have their Republican elitist leadership. Let them all go. They deserve their fates, and it will be a better world without them. Jonestown and Waco were not disasters, they were ablutions. The world doesn't need idiots or fanatics, and they need to be allowed to extinguish themselves.

Dr. Steve @ 04/21/2003 08:28 AM CST

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