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An atheist who sought to pray in City Council meetings for deliverance "from weak and stupid politicians" got the blessing of the Utah Supreme Court on Friday.

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If only Payton had fixed yur clock back when, it might not have come to this.

Ric L. @ 04/15/2003 03:40 PM CST

Ric, you old cur -- long time, no see! They have Internet access at the Home?

amyc @ 04/15/2003 06:16 PM CST

In between bouts of non-stop granny sex, I put the laptop under the covers. Congrats on the nuptials.....poor, POOR, Jim. He was so young, so full of Life, of Hair, even. And congrats to you on your're being linked to by some of my more bookmark-worthy bloggers. Naturally, I credit myself for forging the Iron you've become in the furnace of Table Talk. At any rate, I'll be dropping in at the most inopportune of times, Amy. Tight lines...

Ric L. @ 04/16/2003 09:41 AM CST

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